Payment For Publishers Waiting From July until August 2020, Not Paid From Brave

I created this thread because of my annoyance regarding a payment that was delayed from July and will be paid this August

They try to calm down not to worry but it happens again like last July, and this August the publisher or creator doesn’t accept payment

on the account dashboard panel initially appears progress that the payment is in process, maybe many are waiting and hoping that this month it will be paid with this progress panel

and as usual made monthly payment threads by @steeven, few hours passed @steeven updating the payment thread for august is complete

and in fact the publisher or creator did not receive the payment that had been promised to be paid this August, then @steeven asked publishers or creators who had not received payment to send the email address associated with their account.

I am annoyed because I have sent a direct message but there is no response, I am sure that for this August there will be no refund and will be replaced in the following month.

so give us a detailed explanation, will we get paid or not?
Don’t just tell all publishers and creators to send direct messages but in fact you don’t pay.

and something strange happened to my community account which suddenly was temporarily held so I couldn’t create a thread.

we as publishers or creators are very disappointed with your follow-up (brave team), we who have spent time and effort bringing so many new users to want to use the brave browser do not receive proper payments, only promised that payment is in process and until when this happens ?

give us a clear and detailed answer.


I, like you, are very frustrated. I sent a lot of DM to @steeven but got no response


@steeven @eljuno any other brave team, open your DM
and respond their message as a publisher or creator


me to confusing. Brave is a Big company now. and they just think that is still Baby or startapp that handle by couple persons.


Maybe they become a sc@m company :joy:


Im DM @steeven many time, since July but not get reply …
Are you sure work with you messenger @steeven ?

This thread Will be close or hidden …:sweat_smile:


looked on purpose @steeven


maybe all of the brave team support lost their direct message button :rofl:


Add me to the list of publishers without payout.

yes this same problem that i facing to , already dm @steeven but got no response

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Guys, if somebody receive response about situations with mass missing payments from Brave team than please inform other Creators about information that you’ll receive from them. :slight_smile:

I have the same problem! Nobody pays anything!

so I didn’t get my payment, probably because of a connection issue with uphold that required me to reconnect, understandable, even tho after reconnecting the message “payout generating” was still up for a week, so it’s a bit weird. And now the issue is that the amount of BAT on my dashboard page is stuck at the amount that was supposed to be paid this month, regardless of new confirmations coming through. Please help

I have the same problem!


Hi @dkcvd - thank you for your post. I have not received a DM from you with your email, so have just initiated one with you. Please know that we are a tiny team doing our best to support you as users of Brave. Please respond to the DM at your convenience. Thank you.

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