[Unpaid July Payments by Brave] (will be paid in August)

In last July, I was waiting for payment from the brave, maybe a lot of this has happened and not just me.

Will July payments be paid this month (August)?

Who is waiting for payment in July, maybe can share their experiences here.


haha, many of the brave users are waiting and I can see many tickets are being raise on the case concern here :ok_man: :wink:

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what might be paid by the brave in this August?

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They may pay the whole rewards, may be in the next couple of days…

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so are you not getting paid for july rewards ?

Not yet!!

Hopping to be credited by tomorrow (IST)

Hi @dekachavid - payments will begin to process over the weekend.

thanks @dekachavid for the invitation
Hi @steeven and everyone

A few months before the payout was always generating from the 5th and took a few days.
Now I’m 90 % sure it won’t happened and the message bellow will disappear tomorrow…last month I had exactly the same situation, and I haven’t receive any BAT, this is why I’m a little bit confused.

Last month after the same generating, on the 9 th July, I could read ‘’ next payout 8th August …let see :slight_smile:

@Dmitri1995 Thank you for sharing the information, before I received my first payment on June 10

I did not receive payment in July, and @steeve said it would be paid this August.

hopefully they’ll actually pay us off this august.

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let me bookmark this thread, i have a same issue with you guys, since july pending :slight_smile:

they said there was a weekend delay, but in fact the other guys had already received their payments. so you must be prepared that they will not pay us. no matter how sad it all sounds, they just close the posts after my messages.

Thank you for your sharing experience here, we had same issues

It must be cleared like @steeven has create a thread here Publishers Payout Megathread: August 2020

we must be waiting and be patient, hopefully brave team has pay us :slightly_smiling_face:

@ Steeven Please answer briefly and clearly - to receive publishers from 5 blocked countries for payments this time or not? (Sorry for my English)

Payout Status: Pending. but you can see the person from this thread has already received payment First Month as creator with Verified Uphold since Feb 2019? (PAYOUT NOW RECEIVED) I also saw reports that people were getting their payments yesterday. I also hope that we will be paid, but due to the fact that we were not paid last month, I doubt this month too

I just do not understand why the administration cannot honestly tell everyone that payments are being processed (for all of us, and not for someone else separately) @steeven assured me in personal messages that the payment would be August 8, but today is August 9 and nothing not.

Who else got paid yesterday? I have not seen any other payment from publishers except the user @bodgeup that I saw in his post that he already received the payment.

They didn’t pay me in June, July and @steeven lso told me by private messages that they would pay me this month but I still haven’t received anything

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@dekachavid something changed from your side ? from my side, nothing changed yet

no, it still same

just waiting maybe until 11th august


I’ve received a little 6 BATs, but nothing else. Nothing about July tat was instead at least over 100+.

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