Didn't Received Brave Creator's Monthly Payout

Hi @steeven

I haven’t received my BAT payout since a couple of months now and I doubt I am getting them this month as well… Please look into it and resolve this…

Kindly help…

Kind Regards,
Suraj Narang

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Have you ever received them before?


It was my first payout in May…

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I have the exact same problem, this is the second month that I have not received my payment.

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Me too. 2 months without payment

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Note that the payout date has moved from the 8th of the month to the 13th.
Next Deposit Date: August 13th
“pending payout” removed


hello, I have been a user for 2 months and have not received any awards.

please help resolve this,

Payment date shifted to 13th of August… Disgusting Brave devs…:sleepy:

I also didn’t recieve payment this month

Welcome back!
Ok ladies and gentlemen; if this is your first expectation payment ever since you joined Brave, I would first like to advice you to check from your system if you have turned on your ads button and if you did that: ensure that your automatic button is turned off, why because, if it is still on ; all your benefits will go straight to the content creators every time you navigate their websites.
But if you turn it off but turned on the manual button; you will be obliged to to set either a monthly contribution or a once off tip. Remember the purpose of the web is to encourage the creators with their remarkable work while we the users get something like Basic Attention Tokens for the time we spend on the web and its contents.
Lastly, make sure that you receive your ads from time to time and check your geographical location for your ads as it matters when it comes to the point of migration!
Thanks for your time.

no relation with our problem man, there is a global issue about publishers payout… yersterday many issues on publishers website and just pending message since 1 week and tomorrow → wait for august…

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hello, i have the same problem! my BAT is not sendint in to my uphold wallet! i have 4 accounts and not recive the bat for this accounts! can someone help me plaseee!!!

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i also get my payout in april. after that no payout. just showing date but no payout. and transfer the date to next month…

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I have the same problem

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Payments transactions happens once in a month, if you got it last month; you will get once again this month, e.g next month payment 8 August.

After April no payment received

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Let me ask ,have you ever received any payments before or this was your first payment?

only april. one time

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Ok how many months did they owe before April?

13 july - 13 aug = 30 days…where is the problem???