No payment for two months

Hello, I haven’t received my payment yet. It’s been already two months since I have this issue. The First screenshot is from 10th of August. The Second screenshot was made today.

How to fix this issue?


i same issue brother

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the same here.

I wrote DM to @steeven.

waiting the reply…

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yess i’m same issue brother. waiting the reply mr @steeven

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I wrote to @steeven , but there is still no response

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Seems like Brave either dosen’t care about their users or they are completely overwhelmed! I’ve sent @steeven a DM over 2 months ago still no reply :confused:

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I think @steeven is sleeping now. The question is, are there other people in the support who can answer and help us?

Same isue,
Already DM to @steeven, but no replay.

I have NOT received my payment for this month

@Ipunk there’s no DM from you in my history. Please try resending. Thanks.

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Already resend DM. Thanks

i was sent a DM to you, please check!

Thank you. Beginning to work through my DM’s. Will respond today.

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