See the figures still don't add up

Had 117.00
Said I’m getting 9.58
Received the 9.58 now my total is 126.25

117.00 + 9.58 = 126.58


Been ongoing for months now. You guys do realise that some of us have to submit these earnings for tax purposes even though it’s being received for free. This ‘creative’ accounting makes it a bit difficult as I need to add an explanation each month for why the figures are so wrong.

It would be nice if you can get this sorted out. Thanks

If you actually get those BATs then that’s an issue. But if it just shows the Banner then that’s actually a generic Banner. Doesn’t care if you got rewards or not

@RustyNomad The very first thing I’m going to tell you is the most important, which is just to file a Rewards Support Ticket

The rest of this stuff is going to be my thoughts and opinions. There’s some truth to it, but it is what it is.

Taxes would be paid based on what you actually receive, not based on the banner that says Estimated Earnings or the Your XX Rewards are on the way!.

I do see where you’ve shared prior at Brave Payment Arrived but instead of 9 bat i recived 7 bat but then I have to ask, did you ever submit a support ticket? Only guaranteed way to get Support to look into an issue is to submit a ticket. If you haven’t, make sure to do so with the link I provided at the start of this reply. If you have, then do a favor and reply here with your ticket number(s).

Edited out small portion above, as I’m tired and reading it over again realized I was being a cranky ass. What you see here should be good.

Nothing changes the fact that the figures still do not add up and no explanation is being given for this. This is not a single incident, there are countless complaints month after month.

In regards to the taxes, depends on the country you are in. In some, like mine, you are a provisional payer meaning you need to state what you’ve received twice a year whether you’ve actually received it or not does not matter.

So what I receive in say July must be declared and if any taxes are due this must be settled before end Aug even though I only get paid the tokens in Sept.

In this case all I have to go on is what I’m shown I will receive. So what is shown ans what is actually paid does matter and if I’m not given what is shows I will be given then I reported incorrect figures and might face penalties even if the amount is so minute.

So in a nutshell…I get that this is actually a trivial matter but it does have real life consequences and a company like Brave should be aware of this.

@RustyNomad Big thing is submitting a support ticket though, so they can look into it. They do try to figure things out but general topics tend to go missed and don’t provide the information they need to investigate. So definitely will be vital to get that done.

Also as mentioned, if you’ve already submitted a ticket in the past, it helps if you can provide that ticket number. At that point we can tag Support and whoever comes by can then try to search for it and figure out if any response has been done and, if not, why. And then to actually investigate (if not already done) and try to resolve the problem

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As to taxes in country, that would be a good discussion to be had. I’ve never heard of any country that says that a promise to be paid can be taxed before you receive it. But that conversation and these questions aren’t really intended for Brave Community, so it is what it is and doesn’t really matter much in the grand scheme of helping with your situation.

I will ask though, if you don’t mind, which country you’re in because I do want to research it a bit more.

Estimated earnings are an approximated amount. It is not an exact number.

Some earnings are not computed until month’s end, which means they won’t process during this month’s payout, but instead be added to the following month.

The discrepancy is because the ads aren’t reconciled by the time the payment period starts. So for example, if you earn .05 BAT at the end of the payment period, that BAT may take a couple days to be processed — which means it doesn’t actually count towards what you earned this month and you’ll instead earn it next month.

Hope this helps clarify the process. Thanks!

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What happens with Brave is much more than just a ‘promise to pay’. It is actual work done which you receive a payment for.

I will send you the other information by direct message, not disclosing that in a public forum.

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I guess I’ll ask one bit more here on that @Evan123 as I see where there may be a bit of a misunderstanding. There’s always the portion that says Estimated Earnings but then at the end of the month that kind of gets zeroed out and then the banner appears saying Your ## Rewards will arrive in ## days! or, as OP showed Your +## BAT rewards are on the way That number has often appeared with a different number than our Estimated Earnings, especially if there was a rollover amount.

So we we saying that even that number which says how much is being sent is considered Estimated Earnings and not guaranteed?

True but when the tax authority asks you what you earned what figure do you give them?

Only figure you have to give is the figure being shown. So how or where it is shown makes no difference.

I think most taxes work on the In hand money you get. Not sure about taxes and stuff since I’m just 17 lol. @Saoiray might know more.

Does not matter whether it’s estimated or guaranteed.

The point I’m trying to make is that the figure is used and given to tax authorities as the income ‘earned’. Yes it’s an estimate figure and yes it can change. The tax authorities however still live in the dark ages.

If you declare an estimate it’s seen as a declaration of income. If you do not then it’s seen as tax evasion so you have little choice but to include this figure whether it is right or not.

And yes, you do get an opportunity to adjust figures but this is limited and frowned upon as, according to them, you submitted incorrect figures.

I’m not going to go into all the politics surrounding this minuscule problem except for trying to point out that there are actual real world issues with this estimate and the figures not balancing.

One solution could be filing your income for this month into the next month ? So its the guaranteed one ?

No. Ever heard of invoice based taxation?

As a business if you issue an invoice the amount on that invoice is seen as income received and thus taxable. Whether you actually get the money or not does not matter. If you do not then you have to write that income off against bad debts and claim that against your taxes.

Fact is, you are, in certain circumstances, taxed on money you do not yet have in hand.

Oh okay. Anyway, Since I don’t know, but that’s probably how the system is working at the moment. I would suggest you to seek help of a financial advisor. Thank you.
@Saoiray any thoughts ?

My thoughts were said earlier:

I let it drop because it is all off topic and not helpful, it’s also pulling us away from the issue that needs resolved. Whether he’s wrong or right, doesn’t make a difference in the long run. Even if what he’s said is completely inaccurate, does impact us or change the idea of his issue about the amount on the notice was different than received?

So yeah, as much as I’m the type to want to talk and have everyone learn, it often is not productive. Instead it upsets people and nothing gets accomplished at the end. So I’d say it’s whatever, lol.

And this is the big part I want to have clarified. So whether it’s Evan123, @SaltyBanana, or @steeven I am hoping they can just make sure we’re all focused on the same thing. Also hoping they can look back to some of the posts shared over at Brave Payment Arrived but instead of 9 bat i recived 7 bat

But even at that, it’s not a big rush for them. Major answer is support ticket. Discussing it there and providing details will be the only way anyone can know.

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