Excellent coders behind Brave, if only they could get the math right for once

  • Earned 7.11 from 1 to 31 Aug
  • Browser shows I’m to expect 6.485
  • Payout arrives for 6.25
  • Balance is just gone in the wind, just like almost every other month before this…

This has been going on for over a year now. Is it honestly that difficult to fix?

No it is your estimate not what your getting there is no way to calculate exactly.

Even if so then at the very least the numbers need to add up.

If I (as an example), earned 10 and they estimate that I will get 9 but I actually end up only getting 8 then the balance of 2 should be added back to my running balance should it not?

That’s not happening, the balance of 2 just disappears into thin air…

The estimated is actually calculated when you view an ad. The balance which say your xx rewards will arrive in y days is calculated after viewing what the advertiser actually paid. The arrived balance is I guess because of server problem or some other technical issue. Also be happy you’re getting something for viewing ads instead of viewing them and you paying by viewing them on other browser💀

I get what you are saying and yes I am grateful for the BAT’s but the problem is that there are certain tax implications in many countries, even if these are received for free, and with such implications comes severe penalties for the incorrect reporting of figures even if minor.

So there are some real consequences with the figures not adding up. As said, is it honestly that difficult to get this to add up properly?

Probably yes. If it was that easy they would’ve fixed it by now. Also note
Brave officially only has around 200 employees, they’re still small on numbers compared to other’s for instance Chrome, which has 60,000 employees globally. Brave also has more features than many other Browser’s like the BAT system, Ad - blocking, Brave wallet, Brave Talk, VPN and a lot more. So they’ve a lot of work load. also they’re upgrading their severs or something I guess which is what causing this problem.

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