See ads but there are not in my catalogue

For a week now I see NTP ads but the ones which are not in catalog for my country. Also I am not getting Brave for seeing ads. On my android everything is fine and there are running ads for my region. I am waiting week for feedback from Brave Support but there is no one. It is getting frustrating

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Hi @Rokoleniukic, do you use VPNs on your desktop?

I dont use any VPN or anything similar

Hi @Rokoleniukic, it’s possible you need to adjust some settings. When you have time, have a read and try some of these troubleshoots.

FAQ for all OS:

Troubleshoot for Win 10:

Troubleshoot for all OS:

Thank you mate but I see ADs and I get push notification from Brave. Problem is that I see ads which are not from my region and I am not receiving BAT for it.

I’ve looked around and cannot find others having experienced this issue, without it being something simple and overlooked. Perhaps it’s a (newer) bug? Maybe @JohnDproof or @justsomeone1 could make some suggestions till Support can respond.

In the meantime, I found this troubleshoot table you can run through, @Rokoleniukic. I know it states ‘…not seeing ads’, but you are not seeing ads that are pertinent to your region, so it’s worth a look to see if the cause isn’t just something more simple that both of us have overlooked…

(scroll mid-way down the page to find the table…)

not seeing sponosor image from your country category is expected

do you mean you get notification ads and it not count or what? or you talk about sponosor image?

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Hi @justsomeone1, I believe OP is saying he is getting ads and images, but none are from his catalogue viewer/ are active campaigns currently in his region. And this is happening on his desktop only.


Are you using to determine that the ads are not targeted for your region? Additionally, can you tell me what region you’re currently located in?

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That is correct. I can see both but not from catalogue. For example I can see BAKKT NTP ads but there are not in my catalogue and I am not receiving BAT for seeing that. And it is like that more than 3 weeks now. I tried everything delete files in ads folder, install brave beta, install brave nightly, install brave on other laptop, make new profile with this brave browser and always the same.

Yes, I already sent you DM two weeks before. I’m in BA region, and there are CRYPTO, GALA GAMES and BYBIT ads. I can see NTP ads of BAKKT which is not on my catalogue or in my region.

for NTP that expect ? but in future they going to change that so you would not get sponosor image from ads that not targeting your region

could you state the full name of your country

is it bahamas / bahrin / Barbados or what

I dont think it is expected because I see on my phone Ads that are from my region and everything is working fine. On my desktop I see different Ads. For example on my phone I see CRYPTO ads, but on my desktop BAKKT ads. When there are no ads in my region I still see ads on my desktop. I am using Brave for months and everything was okey, some days were ads some not but now everything is like a mess.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

are you seeing notification ads that are not for your region?

btw, is your desktop browser up to date?

Yes mate. The interesting is when I installed brave on other laptop, it was the same problem. Different laptop, the newest Brave version downloaded from official Brave page and the same problem. So I dont think it is problem in my laptop or something like that.

Notification ads are from my region and when I see them I am getting BAT. The same notification ads I see on my desktop and phone. The difference is with sponsor images. So from like 4-5 BAT I went to 0,2 BAT for a month because for sponsor images I see, I dont get BAT on desktop.

i asked you more than 3 times is the issue if the ads you talking about was the sponosr image or the notifications

and you said both

but now you saing

so i need the most clear answer to the following question

which ads you talking about that not from your catalog

is it the sponosor image / the one you get in the new tab page


the one from the notifications

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I see push notification ads and sponsor images.

Push notification ads are from my region and I get BAT for them.

Sponsor images which I see are not from my region. For example currently in my region is UPLAND sponsor images which I see on android phone. On my desktop I see GALA GAMES sponsor images and it is not in my region.