Second user account

Brave automatically creates 2nd browser user which is useless.

Can you elaborate more @kamran? Brave will only create “Person 1” when you install it and will not create other profile.

@eljuno I do not know how to reproduce it. It just creates another user sometimes, while I am using the browser as “Kamran”. Then I notice that “Person 1” when I press the user button at the top right of the window, left to 3-line button. It is sometimes created again after I delete it (not immediately).

@eljuno I found how to reproduce:
It creates that user when I simply quit the browser (cmd+Q) and then reopen it (there are open tabs when I quit and tabs are also reopened, do not know is it required). Note that currently my user’s name is “Kamran” and my avatar is cat.

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