Search results are more biased than google ffs

I searched for a definition of “HYDROPHOBIC” to better understand the term, and the top results of Brave search were about homophobia… Seriously? A friend googled the same word, and he got neutral and accurate top results. Brave, if you are going to be woke, you should come out and say it, so some of us could make some informed decisions… Jesus Christ.



Results may depend on the search engine you use. However, the issue that you report seems very unlikely. Indeed, testing the term HYDROPHOBIC with ALL search engines proposed by Brave, I did not manage to reproduce what you observe.

Hydrophobic is quite a neutral term, and if you are really getting the results you say you are getting, this has nothing to do with Brave Search.

First of all, a misunderstanding in an answer does not mean that you can be disrespectful. Please, respect the community guidelines.

Indeed using your seach term "“Hidrofobiškas reikšmė”, results are inaccurate. I do not get results about homophobia, but about Ergonomika. Usually in english results are quite accurate, at least for me. Maybe you can use another search engine? That is all I can suggest until results get more accurate in other languages

Yeah, sorry about that. Cant help being a d**k sometimes. Thanks for assistance, hopefully with time this will get better.

Hi @DwellerOfThePast

I’m unable to reproduce this issue. Do you get the correct results when you just search Hidrofobiškas?

@DwellerOfThePast I see your screenshot, which is showing different language. Searching in English gets you legit results.

Keep in mind it presents information based on what has been contributed by people. Also it’s natively built in English and they are slowly adding other support. You’ll have seen that Lithuanian is not in the list of supported languages/countries at this time.

Regional Catalog Viewer (v2) - Brave 11_16_2022 14_29_10

So while they build on it, there’s going to be mistakes.

@SaltyBanana I searched and while I didn’t get the exact same result, I did have the Wikipedia show up as he mentioned. It just was further down the list now.

Brave Search is much better than it was, but it still has a long way to go. I mean, not sure how Hidrofobiškas reikšmė pulls up any result for Homofobija.

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I suppose Brave search is just not currently viable for me in cases where I need information in my native language. Not everyone is an american/englishman. What can you do.

Well, they are gradually expanding support, but definitely not quite there yet. It’s a big project trying to do big crawls for information, let alone to try to match and differentiate on languages.

Yet I’m kind of there with you. I occasionally use and try Brave Search, but the accuracy just isn’t there yet. Also wishing they’d let us customize more. I know there’s Goggles but they don’t make Goggle simple for the average User. But like for me, I’d remove Discussions from the page, wouldn’t have Videos listed because if I wanted those I’d go to Videos tab, etc. It’s just too all over the place.

Thanks @Saoiray for pointing that out.
I did not see that at first but I am now pulling that up at the bottom.

I searched hydrophobia in Brave search and got all results relevant to that.

Huh? When I search on hydrophobic on Brave search ( I definitely see relevant results, see also

Who cares . At least they won’t hijack your browser and creepily track you like google . Cmon man grow up its a computer screen