Search in latest 1.36.111 does NOT allow any changes!

I want to try latest Brave Search rather than current DuckDuckGo, but Search under Settings has no options but just goes to Get Started page. Since this counters the instructions in Help, this is an error in latest Brave.

How to get this fixed asap?

Type something in the url bar, it will take you to brave search site. There open the settings tab (click the button in top right-hand corner). Then clcik on show more, and change the settings you want.

On the brave search page, just below the search bar, there are few options to select. Change your country, if you want safe search enabled etc

A browser and search engine are two separate things. You cannot control search engine behaviour from a browser.

There is no “Show More” in the settings drop down. That’s the problem, see attached screenshot and also the one on the first post…

Dude, you are quite confused.

Brave has a browser and a search engine, both are separate things, duck duck go is also a search engine. The second photo you have shared has brave browser and ddg as search engine and not brave browser and brave search.

Go to brave://settings/search and select brave as a default search engine. Then follow the steps I previously listed.

Also, you do need Ad-block plus (ABP) extension. Brave has its own adblocker, check the orange lion icon or brave://settings/shields.

Not so. You don’t seem to realize that both already posted images are from the Brave Browser. Because I use four browsers, I have them listing the browser in the top left corner - and this one is “Brave 1.36.111”.

But thank you for the link - brave://settings/search -

this has allowed me to specify Brave as the search engine. Hopefully it’s the new Brave search engine which overcomes the new DDG concerns.