Search engine management is useless

After finding out that I can NOT delete default search engines and I can NOT set my engine up (I am using Presearch ONLY) I will delete BRAVE and stop using it from now on, as long as I DO NOT have choice what search engine I want to use.

Very pathetic idea with this feature, so good luck Brave Dev’s with more bad decisions like this one.


Your search engine is very poor when I compare with PRESEARCH !!!

You should know that you can set-up different search engine like presearch. I have personally used presearch on brave. brave://settings/search in it turn on the toggle index other search engine. Go to presearch(dot)com and do a sample test. Then go to manage other search engine, and you will search presearch there.

Or go to brave://settings/searchEngines and add

Or just add this extension

Also, do not note that you cannot remove default search engine due to upstream chromium code. It is purposefully done to avoid URL hijacking. There are about 100 ways to add custom search engine in brave/chromium.

If you are still unable to do it, then google it.
Also, avoid jumping on baseless assumptions.

You can turn it OFF. Just click on the toggle of ‘Index other search engines’. Clear whatever data the browser has stored in manage other search engines brave://settings/searchEngines.
After that, it will not index other search engines nor store them simultaneously.

Brave become useless for me as I stated before.

If I can NOT manage any option as I want I simple stop using it.

If I can NOT set Presearch as default search engine and I can NOT delete other search engines it means I am forced to use what I do NOT want.

Bye bye Brave

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