How Do I Remove Search Engines From Brave?

How do you remove search engines from Brave the edit button only has edit and make default???

Sadly the recent update in Chromium made by the resident geniuses deleted that option. Because of the outrage they’re considering to make taht option back on next updates… But we know how alphabet behaves.

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@digitalsalamander The primary ones are built into the Browser. It doesn’t track your information or anything. It’s just there for you to toggle which one you want to use. Thus no way to delete (to my knowledge.)

The exception to that is the ones that fall under Other Search Engines. Like I see YouTube, Google Drive, etc listed under Other Search Engines and I have the option to delete those. But the primary ones like Brave, Google, DuckDuckGo, etc are there to stay.

Again, purpose of it is so the Brave browser knows where to send search queries when you type things into the Address Bar on top and that data only gets sent to whichever search engine you opted as your default.

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