Can't use my favorite browser after upgrade


Absolutely furious. I allowed an upgrade and walked away from the computer. Came back to find the browser very different, with my bookmarks in a banner at the top instead of on a separate widow as I preferred before. Worst of all the default search engine it installed with is GOOGLE! WTF! I went to settings to remove that abomination, and I find that when I hit the Add button to add a search engine that isn’t on the list, it doesn’t work! As good as Brave has been, I am not going to just walk away, but if this stays the way it is, and I can’t use the search engine I like (Dogpile), then it is goodbye Brave.

Edit 10 minutes later - even worse! I figured out how to add Dogpile as a search engine, but you still can’t select an added search engine as your default! Then I went to see about deleting Google as an option and found that you can’t! You can delete all of the other options, but not that one… Insidious! I really hope you guys fix this so I can use any search engine I want, and can remove all mention of the HATED Google from my browser.


@rstocum, chill.

  1. Google default search issue is known. That said, you can change the default search to whatever you’d like. In a variety of ways, at that. All outlined here:
  1. You can also delete Google from the list with two clicks:


OK, I managed to remove google after making one of the other search engines the default. Then the option to remove google appears. I still don’t see how any of the options in manage search engines lets me make the search engine I added my default. If I have to open the search engine I want from another search engine I might as well go back to firefox.


I wanted to chime in here and say that what you are trying to do is possible.

If you added your favored search engine, in the same screen you can click on the three dots next to it and set it to the default.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Apologies for the somewhat bad printscreen’s but hopefully it is a little clearer now.

If you cannot see the images (for whatever reason), I’m sorry!

Lastly, if you do not see any of the options shown or described above, that’s an issue where someone more knowledgeable than me will be needed.

Hope this helps and I wish you luck!

p.s. the screenshots show the search engine you are trying to add because I actually tested it first to be on the safe side.


I have found this not to be true. I figured out how to add dogpile yesterday. You go to manage search engines, and you click on the three dots. For dogpile I get only Edit and Remove from list. Interestingly, when I tried it just now to verify, there were several other websites that I have visited, but never added as additional search engines on the list of added search engines. I honestly didn’t know that those websites were search engines. Brave put them on that list without me adding them. That concerns me. I thought OK, maybe if I pick one of them as default, I will then have the option to make dogpile the default. Nope - I still only have Edit and remove from list for dogpile. And I have also picked a website to be my default search engine that I don’t want to be the default. Now I have to try to figure out how to change it back.


Can you share a screenshot of what it looks like when you open the options for Dogpile (three dots)?

Also, just so you know I’m not blowing smoke, I was able to make Dogpile my default search engine without issue:
Grab the search prefix:

Add it to search engines with %s in place of the query:

Make it default, enjoy!


Here you go… Every time I go back to the manage search engines settings page there are things on there that I did not add. All of them except dogpile can be made the default. I didn’t think many of them were even search engines.

The previous Brave just had a field where you typed in the url for the page you wanted to be your default search engine. I really don’t get why it can’t continue to be like that. Why would I need to select from a list?

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