How to enable the search bar?

I just installed Brave; it supports all the plugins I need
and also has a sync functionality. Nice, so far, I like it.

I went through all settings multiple time, but I did not find
a way to enable the search bar, near to the address field.

Please, where can I find this?
Is that hidden via one of those chrome[…] or brave://

Yes, I am aware that a search via the address bar is possible,
but as the search terms disappears, that’s not a solution for me.


Not sure what you mean by this?

In any case, I don’t think you can directly enable a search bar in Brave. But see my post here for some thoughts on the topic.

Ok, after some more investigations, it indeed does not
seem to exist at all.

There seem to be several dozen requests like this.
If it was there, someone probably would have found it yet …

“[…] no way to do this and no plans to implement one …”

Ok, sad. Sticking to Firefox and Vivaldi then.

Yup. One of the prices paid for using the (otherwise excellent) OSS Chromium engine. Maybe someday there will be one, but not right now – again unless you can find an extension to your liking.

If this UI element is more important to you than all the other benefits then I guess you have to make that choice. If you ever change your mind, we’ll be here to help with other questions.

Good luck!

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I’m also curious what functionality is missing from using the search in the address bar as opposed to having an additional element to perform searches in?

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I am just curious, why not use the address bar itself as search engine. You can also edit single letters shortcuts for each search engine you wish. Are you looking for any special functionality by search bar?

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