Second Search Bar

Long time Firefox user here. I’ve been using Brave on android since it was available.
One gripe I have with Brave is the lack of the mini search bar next to main URL bar.
On the android it’s not a problem because most of my search work is done on the desktop.

On the Desktop the extra search box (like Firefox) allows you to easily search and select a search engine WHILE maintaining the search engine set in the main URL bar. You can perform multiple searches using different search engines without ever having to touch the keyboard.

As an example say you’re reading an article searched from the main search engine and you see something interesting you can highlight the text with the mouse paste it into the secondary search bar and there search youtube/wikipedia etc with it opening into another tab. This is very efficient method of searching.

Even when searching for a different topic in the main URL that last pasted topic is still in the min-search bar if I want to continue searching with it.

At the very least it could be added as an option to turn on. I would think this would also help those impaired.

It seems web and UI design is regressing back to having to use the keyboard/Keyboard shortcuts for everything. I work at a PC all day and sometime I just want to sit back and copy and paste quickly and efficiently. I’d prefer not to have to add a 3rd party extension.

Hello everyone. I came here to suggest adding a very similar feature, so I feel that bumping this post is appropriate.

Although it is possible to use :shortcut to switch search engine, it is not the most convenient way for me to do it. I would think of a feature allowing you to split the address bar into one or more bars with different search engines. Even on standard 16:9 monitors the top bar has a lot of unused real estate which could be used to accommodate additional search bar(s) if user so desires.