Add on search bar

Is it possible to add an extra search bar as a toolbar itself in Brave?

There are no such options or Chrome plugins that I can see.

Or are we always forced to use omnibox.

Many thanks.

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No plans for this type of implementation. Is there a particular search you’re looking to add?

No just wanted a separate search box. Is this true for any Chromium based browser? It’s simply not possible to add toolbars/search box, even as an extension like you can in Firefox?


Yes, this is true of Chromium browsers outside of extensions.
You can use the aptly named SearchBar extension to accomplish this - a bit of an eyesore imo.

Additionally, you can use Keyword Searches to create shortcuts in the address bar to any search engine you’d like (and as many as you’d like).

You’re right about searchbar. I needed something that stretches all the way across like a toolbar but it doesn’t look possible.

FWIW, there’s a “Wide address bar” option in Settings to stretch the address bar further across the screen. Not sure if its an aesthetic thing for you or not but if so that option is there:

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