Scrolling to linked page based on # is not working

I want to have a link from one page in my website to a particular spot in another page. In the production version of Brave and in Safari it works - clicking on the link takes me to the right page scrolled down to the place specified.

  1. On the page with link I have this code:
    <a href="./c12v22-50.html#fruit", target="_blank">Jesus uses fruit

  2. In the destination page I have this:

A tree is known by its fruit:

  1. Clicking on that link in the origin page should result in a new tab being opened with the page c12v22-50.html loaded and scrolled down to the place where I have put in id=“fruit”

I expect that scrolling, but what happens is that page opens at stays unscrolled. #fruit is ignored.

I am using version Release Notes V1.36.119 (Mar 21, 2022)

This doesn’t seem like a browser issue — however I am curious, for the “A tree is known by its fruit:”, you do have (something like)

<h3 id="fruit"> A tree is known by its fruit: </h3>

Is that correct?

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