Brave's YouTube Behavior with iMac

Brave will not play all YouTube videos and some web sites cannot be scrolled down. I cannot make comments on YouTube pages while in Brave. I have to copy the URL and put into another browser. What’s the fix for this? Thank you, Donal

Hi @Donal,
Which Brave version that you use? Screenshot of tye issue, steps to reproduce will also help.



I just had the problem again. If I can’t solve it, I’m going to have to go back to Safari. :confused: See About Brave, and below that the page that wouldn’t scroll with my mouse. I found that I could push the down arrow multiple times to get the page to scroll with the mouse. I just now tried it again, and I quickly scrolled to the bottom and right back up, and there it froze. See below.

Would you mind resending the screenshots? Looks like they’re showing up as blank boxes in the thread.