Brave does not save scroll location

Sometimes, when reading from websites like Wait But Why, it takes me more than one sitting to go through the entire article. It’s really helpful when the browser saves where I am on the page. Brave seems unable to do this. Or this is a setting I am not finding?

Please help. Thanks.

Hi @jcloud,

You can try using an extension to save your scroll location.

Thanks, @Aa-ron. I just added the extension and it looks like it works.

This is still not as I was hoping for, though, because it requires active use - click on the extension, save, then fetch when you return. On Firefox (or was it Vivaldi?), it just automatically saves and scrolls down to your last location when you return. Hoping Brave can add that.

I’ll add your suggestion to feature requests!

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Thanks, @Aa-ron! Hoping to see it soon!

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