Arrow key scrolling not working (solved: kind of)

Hi, Does anyone know where in settings I can enable scrolling by pressing the arrow keys? On my 2013 MacBook Pro the browser scrolls when I press an arrow key, but it doesn’t on my 2020 MacBook. I can’t find anywhere in settings to enable it.

Update: I managed to get them working, but I don’t know why. I went to settings, clicked on keyboard, clicked on edit input sources, selected the listed input source and clicked done. The arrow keys are now working.

Okay, I can use the arrow keys to scroll when I use Safari, but they don’t work for Brave. It must be an easy fix, but I still haven’t found the setting.

My up and down arrows work, but my Home key has stopped working this week. I use it frequently to quickly scroll to the top of a web page in Brave browser. On some pages it will work, some pages it only scrolls up a little (similar to the arrow key), if I use Ctrl+Home it will sometimes take me to the top of a page, but most pages it doesn’t work at all in Brave. The Home key works perfectly in Chrome browser. I don’t know what happened, but it’s driving me crazy, and I have not been able to find any answers.

Maybe have a play around with your keyboard settings and see what you can find. Also, you’ve probably done it already, but in case you haven’t, try a reboot and see what happens.

Thanks, but something else is wrong. Even Brave’s shortcut list states that to go to the top of a page, to use the Home button. It just doesn’t work.

Hi, Sandy.

I’m not the expert. Maybe create a separate post about the home button. My problem has been fixed, but no thanks to any support from Brave. No one responded to my request for help, but perhaps you will have better luck.

Thank you, and sorry it took so long for me to get back. The shortcuts still aren’t working. I will try to contact them somehow.

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