Scripts on Google search page are crashing Brave

Every time I tried a search on Google today (search IRS forms as example) Brave browser would crash as soon as I hit the enter key. When I disabled scripts in Brave settings there was no longer a problem. With scripts on it would just disappear and upon opening Brave again it would ask if you want to restore Brave since it didn’t shut down correctly. I am on Windows 7 64 bit. I haven’t checked to see if this is a problem yet on Windows 10 as I know Brave says it is not doing updates on for Windows 7 versions anymore. I do question since Brave browser is getting so popular that this is some attempt by Google to get people back on their Chrome browser.
Google searches done with Chrome or Firefox did not crash with Windows 7. I’ll be checking to see if the same problem happens on Windows 10.
I haven’t had any problems elsewhere with Brave so I know it sounds a bit like a conspiracy theory but really ? Brave only crashes on Google search with scripts on???

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