Why is google/youtube targetting Brave? It has less then 1% of market share

As many others have posted, Youtube and to some degree Google is now causing Brave to crash instantly, taking out with it all the other tabs and windows open. But I just checked and Brave is not even listed in the marketshare of browsers. Ie, less than 1%. So why is google/youtube targeting Brave?

@Matt621 it’s not “targeting Brave.” The people experiencing the issues are people who are foolishly deciding not to upgrade their OS or versions of Brave. As tech changes and code on sites do their thing, old tech becomes useless and will experience problems.

And yes, all these people claiming Windows 7 is better and Windows 10 or Windows 11 is nothing but spyware are just fools. There’s a reason why all the best experts in the tech world use newer OS, whether it be Windows 11, Linux, or Mac. And if people spouting the nonsense about old tech being safer knew what they were talking about, they could easily build out a version of chromium or Brave that would work on those older systems. But you see that’s not happening. That’s because it’s just a bunch of conspiracy theorists, much like those who think birds are drones, the Earth is flat, etc.

Current version of Brave has no issue with YouTube or anything. It’s only outdated versions that seem to have some sort of incompatibility with code.


So weird, it only happens on google.com, youtube.com and any site that has a youtube.com video. My current version of Brave (Version 1.47.186 Chromium: 109.0.5414.119 (Official Build) (64-bit) works on x.com, ebay.com, rumble.com, gab.com, bing.com, my banks websites, USPS.com, et al, every other site. (There might be a problem with Facebook, but I don’t really use it, so I can’t say for sure.)

Windows 7 is better for me for 4 reasons:

#1, I know it. I know how to fix it, I know how to configure it.

#2, What is more stable and safe: A) I system that has been around for 15 years and had 14 years of real world testing and updates?

#3, Windows 98, 13 million lines of code, Windows 2000 had 29 million lines of code, Windows XP had 45 million lines of code, Window 40 million lines of code, Windows 8 had 50 million lines of code, Windows 10 had 55 millions lines of code, Windows 11 has 60-100 million lines of code. Every line of code is a possible security/instability source. Windows 7 has had 15 years to find and fix them. Windows 10 has had 9 years to fix them, Windows 11 has had 1 year. Simple laws of logic says and older, smaller, more thoroughly used complex system will be a safer and stabler system.

#4 There are some aps I have that will only work on Windows 7 and back. They will not work correctly on Windows 10 or 11. For general computer use such as browsing, shopping, games, email, etc, Windows 10/11 is fine for those computers. And I have several. However on my computer I have over 100 applications, 20 of which are used every day. Those apps are required for me to do my job. W/o them, I cease to function. For those computers I need to use Windows 7.

As for “build out a version…” I quit coding professionally 30 years ago. I have no desire to start over for a browser when there are 7 options out there.

To attack me with Ad hominem attack is childish and shows you have uninformed you are on the subject matter. I said nothing about conspiracy theories nor did I allude to it. However factually, Every version of windows is more bloated than the one before it. Previous versions of Windows I could use as soon as I bought it. Currently versions of windows requires “a Microsoft acct” which you have to give information to them. The product I have is already bought and paid for.

Lastly this community is supposed to be for people to help each other, not made snide and hostile posts. If you can’t reply constructively, it’s better not to reply at all.

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@Saoiray Then why is mine working on guest account but keeps crash on my main account? (Mac accounts not brave profile) They are both same versions. So seems to me the problem is something entirely different. @Mattches

When you say “guest account” is this on youtube and/or google?

@Matt621 neither. Its the macbook account. You know like u have on pc as one main admin account and other user accounts.

While you’re welcome to use whatever OS you want for whatever reasons you’d like, the truth is that older OS are not receiving browser updates (not just from us but from most browsers) any more, which means (as you likely already know) that they are missing important security and bug fixes.

I’m not claiming that your using Win7 is the cause of this particular issue, but I just want to note that there will likely come a time where you encounter an issue in Brave browser (or another browser) that we may not be able to resolve.

All that being said, it sounds like you both may need to clear cache/browsing data for all Google related sites (you may need to clear all of it in general but I would start with those sites) and see if that clears up the issue. @Letstalk asked above why it’s working on a guest account and not your normal one as they likely share different user data and the issue is only present in one of them.

You can try clearing this data by going to brave://settings/content/ in Brave, searching for “google” and deleting the cache/site data from there. Let me know if this works for you.

I didn’t do that. Go look again. I spoke about a lot of people in general who we have even seen commenting here. They swear up and down that Windows 10 or 11 is spyware and that 7 is better security and privacy.

What I have also learned is that the majority of those people making claims have no technical expertise at all. They are going with assumptions from blogs they have seen or what they have heard through hearsay. And where I challenge people is to say that if it was such a big deal, don’t you think like minded people would have gotten together and worked on something? But instead you see all of the biggest advocates for privacy continue on with the newest operating systems, even for personal use.

This wouldn’t include you unless you’re one of those people claiming it’s spyware and think it’s better privacy.

Which I am and do. I’d also like to point out you didn’t actually ask for any help here. You just posted a misleading question. It’s more akin to shitposting than it was seeking help. Regardless, you asked a question which I answered. The issue is you just didn’t like my answer because it didn’t affirm your stance.

I mean, Google/YouTube isn’t targeting Brave. You’re committing your own logical fallacies in posing your question. I struggle to think if it’s Begging the question or Complex question fallacy. But let’s walk through this:

  1. You come to ask for assistance on both an OS and a version of Brave that are no longer supported. Catch the key words there? No longer supported. This means you don’t get help if or when things go wrong. Not quite sure where the expectation is in your mind there.

  2. Rather than leave things open to the idea that an issue is with code or due to the age of your OS and browser, you make a false assumption that Brave is somehow being targeted.

Do you not see the missing logic there?

We’ve been saying it’s a Shields issue. Below is quote from Fanboynz earlier, which is one of the primary people who works on everything related to Shields and all.

Yeah, its due to the older win7 adblock-rust code base.

  • If you’re on Win 10/11/Linux/Mac (Arm). No changes needed, just use the latest version of Brave.
  • If you’re on windows 7, 8, 8.1, disable (globally) sheilds via brave://settings/shields. “Ads & trackers” and install uBlock Origin via https://chromewebstore.google.com/

Crashes only occur since win7/8 builds aren’t maintained and don’t support the current adblock rules causing crashing.

So could it be different settings in Shields? Will one eventually go wrong as you use it? Any number of theories. I’m not even sure if anyone knows what specific code is an issue and if it’s solely within Brave that there’s the problem or if it’s the way YouTube/Google is interacting with the old code that is causing the crash.

It’s even possible the issue has resolved or will resolve in the future through updates to content filters. Only thing known is they don’t test and work on things for older browser and all, so the likelihood of any intended fix is slim.

Anyway, @Matt621 I answered a bit and tried to address things. I guess I’ll end things from my point here. If you want to have last words, go for it. Otherwise it is what it is.


It’s not only security you need to worry about when using unsupported systems, its also a degraded web experience due to developers no longer supporting methods and technologies that have been superseded in browsers nearly every other person on the web has access to, or using features your browser hasn’t implemented. The latest Brave version for Windows 7 is equivalent to Chrome 109, which 96.85% of web users have surpassed.

CSS Initial Letters was introduced in the first version after Chrome 109, so usage stats for 109 are included here:

Features introduced in each Chrome version:

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No thank you. Windows 7 does all that I need a computer to do. And to once again make my point. On my Windows 7 I can easily access YT with Chrome, Firefox, Opera. Yes Windows 7 still works fine with these fine browsers. It’s only Brave that is rejected. Could this have anything to do with Brave blocking ads? Gee, I wonder. I stand by my statement. Google and Youtube are targetting Brave users. There is on other thing I need to check but I don’t want to post it yet till I verify. There is not a single site I can’t access with Brave/Windows 7.

Hello @Matt621

sorry i miss read any part of the whole post

so i suggest to do some of the following to see if it help

  1. clear cache/cookies to the longest amount of time you can while disable all extensions

if it work fine then enable those extension again one by one till you get the one causing the issue

  1. try to create new browser profile from the menu choose create new profile and use that new profile without changing any settings or installing any extension and see if it work fine or not

  2. try to create new windows account and see if brave work fine there

if the issue related to the ad blocker as mentioned earlier by Saoiray then you need to disable the shield and use ublock origion as suggested also

hope something of those help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

For a “mega post” with potential solutions, see my post here:

I understand the frustration, but the complaints aren’t really helping anyone. BELIEVE ME, I understand. I had an issue a long while back that screwed up my brave and caused it to crash because of, if you can believe it, a download notifications change from the bottom bar to the floating box. So I get where you’re coming from. But please try to keep it constructive in the future.

Just a minor correction but certainly for Win 10 (not sure for 11) you can use a local account so no need to give emails or phone numbers.
I preferred 7 as well but unfortunately had to make the move to 10. I am however planning to go Linux when official support ends next year for 10 due mainly to the privacy issues.

Absolutely DISGUSTING to blame the victims who may not be as wealthy as you are and can’t afford to upgrade or like me depend on disability tools that do not work with Win10.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

How about you work out what you did to Fk up the software which worked daily for months until YOU changed something.

YouTube is not a dangerous site.

Chrome works with YouTube on my Win7 laptop.

So no excuse.

I hope that one day you experience real disability and learn to appreciate the difficulties we face.


Whatever you do dump Brave, why would you offer them any loyalty when they have such disdain for users.

It is worth noting that APPLE still support old versions of IOS with Security updates even if they are not getting any new IOS features.

If they can do it so can BRAVE

  1. Upgrades are/were free. It was free upgrade from 7 to 10, then 10 to 11. Same with those using 8.

  2. I’m disabled, living on SSDI. I am far from wealthy. Isn’t it interesting how people like you will make a lot of dumb assumptions?

  3. Computers or components can actually be bought for decent prices these days. For example, you can get a refurbished desktop computer, keyboard, monitor, and mouse for just about $100-150 from Walmart. There are often decent deals online as well, such as through Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, OfferUp, etc. Each country would have equivalent resources and sometimes things sold cheaper. Like games sold for $60-100 in the United States can be sold for as little as $10-20 by places like Microsoft in other countries.

No victims here. It’s like if a car manufacturer stops selling a car, issues a recall notice and says they won’t be able to work on any repair issues in the future. But you like your car better. You could have traded in the car for a newer, but you think the newer is tracking you or has some issue. So you ignore the recall and keep using it. Then when the engine goes bad, you blame the manufacturer and call yourself a victim. If you’d be a victim, it would be a victim of your own poor choices.

I didn’t change anything. I’m just another user, like yourself. I’m just active here and help people resolve issues. Between my traumatic brain injury, autism, and natural personality I tend to be more direct on things and don’t play the social games of lying to people to make them feel better. The facts are the facts and matter much more than people’s opinions.

As to Brave, all they have done is update adblock scripts to block ads and protect users. People using older versions of OS and Brave still get component updates, as Brave never intended people to continue to use them. Put newer script on older versions that can’t support it, and you get crashes. Again, this isn’t Brave as the issue. This is people running older software and not disabling the ability for the browser to still fetch updates like components. Then for those same people to come crying because the software that is no longer being worked on stopped working.

So does Brave. But as people have said all over, you just can’t use Shields. It’s the content filter in Brave that is causing it. So when you disable Shields completely, things stop crashing.

You mean beyond my autism, traumatic brain injury, spinal stenosis, herniated discs PTSD, depression, anxiety, etc? I’ve been paralyzed on one side, had a feeding tube, etc. Also go through a lot of struggles. But none of that would have anything to do with me refusing to keep things updated and secure. Or for me to go complaining to others when it was my decision that messed things up.

Honestly, I’d like to challenge you on that. Disability tools have constantly been getting pushed out and improved on. The chances of you having something that wouldn’t be compatible should be slim. But even moving on, I’m betting there is something similar or better on newer OS. You’re not going to tell me they did something for disabilities back on Windows 7 but they suddenly ignored that disability in 10 and 11.


I’d marked several potential fixes in the post above yours. The post here:

Again, I get it. I get the frustration, and I get the feeling of being blamed for wanting to stick to your decision, even though you know the other person’s wrong about something they’re telling you. Like when I was told to reset a local copy of my online game even though I’ve had the same issue before and did it my way. And against my better judgement, I did it anyway and lost years of progress I never got back and just quit right there. But please, just try what I mentioned above and do note that a code contributor fanboynz even mentions it’s similar to Brave’s shields if you still want to have that convenience.
https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/37243#issuecomment-2033349720 (Site changed by me to encompass most browsers.)

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Also want to note, Brave tends to go out of there way for people even when they don’t need to. I’ve spoken to the idea they don’t need to fix anything and generally don’t push out updates. That said, Fanboynz and others at Brave seem to have looked more into it and made adjustments.

The above are still rolling out. You may have to give it a few hours from the time of this reply.

And if that doesn’t work or you want to see alternative thoughts, another user shared as you can see below:


Keep in mind my responses have been to the accusation in the title of the topic here and the wrong accusations. It also was laying out the grounds for expectations. Coming to report an issue is fine. As people talk and see it, sometimes things get done as you see it’s happening here.

What isn’t good is when people act like it’s mandatory. It’s critical to know when you’re requesting a favor compared to fighting to get something you’re owed. When you use outdated software or OS, you’re not guaranteed anything. The attitudes, assumptions, and phrasing from people posting in various places were insane. Hence my responses trying to call people out on it. (though admittedly, perhaps shouldn’t have or could/should have phrased better)

Anyway, hopefully fixes being worked on and delivered work for people. And I do want to suggest, especially for OP, try to ask questions and research a bit before appearing with false accusations or poor attitudes.

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Far as I could tell starting from last night, there were updates at least 3 different times. The most recent two (that I saw and tested since my last post here Aggregate Topic: Outdated Brave crashing on YouTube - #241 by Hotdogs555) are back to causing crashes.

However, a better post to link for news relating to that would be here.