Saving Cookies for Specific Websites

Every time I close the browser, my session for all websites is wiped clean. I’m okay with that for most websites, however, sometimes I want the website to save my information so I can continue where I left off. By default, browsers like Firefox will retain my session across all websites, and I’m assuming Brave doesn’t do that because it has higher privacy standards, but I want to be able to save my session on specific websites.

How do I set it so I can make a specific website remember my session and/or save cookies for that specific website?

hi @EveryUsernameIsTaken try this

Two things.

  1. First I tried what you suggested, and it didn’t work. When I refreshed the page, nothing saved.
  2. Turns out the issue I’m experiencing is only happening on one web site in particular. That website is


If I refresh the page, or restart the browser, everything I’ve put into that website reverts back to the beginning. If I do the same thing with Firefox, it saves what I’ve put into the “gear optimizer” website. If you want to test it out yourself for this particular website, just click “Titan 8 Preset” in the upper left, then refresh the page and see if it saved your change or if it’s back to normal.

Is there anything I can do with Brave to correct this issue, or is this a website-specific issue?

I just checked the link you shared and refreshing the page doesn’t do anything wrong.

maybe you are blocking cookies in your settings?


if you do not click or scroll like stated there, then happens what you described

I didn’t have block all cookies selected, however…

I never got that little bar to appear that allowed me to accept the cookie. I ended up disabling both u-Block and another extension that I use called “I don’t care about cookies” that bypasses the warnings about websites having cookies, and then the bar popped up. I’m not sure which one caused it to not appear (most likely u-block) but now that I’ve accepted it, even with both extensions enabled the page properly updates and saves. Thanks for your help @JohnDproof !

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