Cannot Save Cookies For Specific Websites

There’s a problem where websites that have been allowed to use cookies, still manage to lose the cookies when the setting that clears all cookies and site data when closing the browser is still turned on: image


The problem could be solved with the setting simply not removing the cookies of the allowed websites of the user.

It is a big problem as certain websites like could have settings within the website saved and thus it would require users to manage the settings the same way as previous sessions on every session.

And it seems that the issue has been suggested to be taken care of for a long time, yet there haven’t any been any steps taken forward with it.

Brave version: Version 1.46.144 Windows version: 21H2

Hello @daze, thank you for reaching us out. What kind of websites are you experiencing this issue? Please read the following thread about an user experiencing a similar issue with twitter:

Hope it can help. Regards.

Hello, the issue experienced by the person in the mentioned github post is different, as it isn’t referring to the issue with the specific setting of “Sites that can always use cookies” whilst having the setting of clearing cookies and site data active. The latter shouldn’t occur for the websites that were added to be allowed for use of cookies.

The best example is as mentioned,
where the settings aren’t saved.

Hello again @daze, by any chance do you have the option under settings Menu --> History --> Clear browsing data --> On Exit enabled? If so, please disable it and let us know if it works for you. Regards.

Yes it works that way, however the point was that it should not have removed any cookies of allowed websites whilst having that setting active.

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