Cookies clear after browser closes - despite setting being un-checked

brave version v 1.36.119
in General settings>
“Allow all cookies” and “Do not track” are checked.
“Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows” is unchecked.
in Shields i have cookie blocking disabled

Despite this, each time I close the browser all cookies clear.
If i add a site to " Sites that can always use cookies" [eg.] those cookies also clear when browser closes.

I did, at one stage, have these settings customized in a different way to now. Initially, when the settings were configured as now, cookies were retained after closing.

There are defiantly no extensions running that could interfere with cookies.
Any ideas on how to fix this?

Feel dumb it took so long to work it out . I had instructed cookies to delete on exit in the “clear browser data” settings… Which no doubt overides the settings in " Cookies and other site data"
Silly me. I hope this oversite and subsequent revelation is helpful to someone.

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