Saving All Windows From A Previous Session

An option to auto open all windows from the previous session. When you close or shut down Brave, the next time you open it, it’ll keep everything you did the day before, not just the single window, but all of them.

For someone like me, who has hundreds of tabs segmented into several windows, I don’t want to constantly make new bookmarks every time I make a change to the tabs to the window. I believe it’ll be much more streamlined this way and it’ll be nice to not worry and wonder about what I’m missing.

When this happens, if you go to Menu --> History, you should see entries listed here containing all the open tabs you had before. I believe that if you had multiple windows, you will see multiple of these entries corresponding to each window

Thanks for the direction, but my request was more about the fact that I have to go through extra hoops to re-open the windows, instead of having them on launch.

I believe what you want is this:

Go to brave://settings/

Select the option “continue where you left”


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Also go to settings and select and turn on the button says ,continue where you left off. I do believe this what you are looking for.

I know ‘Continue where you left off’ is an option and I have it on, but it only reopens a single window, not the several I had before closing the app.

You can install Chrome extensions on Brave. I’ve used “Session Buddy” on chrome for years. Tons of people use it. Great reviews too. I found this thread because I was trying to see if Brave had a solution without the extension but it looks like I’ll just use session buddy instead.
Link to the extension: