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That’s not quite what I meant. Yes, I know bookmarks can save windows and then I can open all of them, but I meant the entire session. I don’t want to be constantly bookmark tabs and reopen them when I want to continue using Brave the next day. I want to have as many windows as I want to be saved in a current session and see those windows the next time I open Brave.




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YES! This is EXACTLY what I need as well.

I set up so many pinned tabs that I run out of room.

I want to be able therefore to open a new window with additional tabs and save both (or even more than 2) window sessions but do not see this badly needed option.

I understand the manual workaround, but it’s unnecessarily time consuming.

Is there a way, or can you add this feature to the wish list PLEASE.

A million thanks. Keep up the great work.

You need an extension for session management.

Brave already saves sessions, but it is pretty simple and you can’t really see it as clear as an extension.

You need to set brave://settings/getStarted to Continue where you left off and then you go to Menu and click Exit, don’t close windows individually, because if not, you are closing the window, only, and it will not open when you start, if you use the Exit button, then you will save it all the same order you were using it.

Of course, using an extension will make things better, for example, I use Tab Groups Extension, while it is to autogroup tabs and all, it can save groups easily, Brave has a Chromium setting to save tab groups but it was buggy and crashing the browser in Private window, Chromium team has to fix that. I like tab groups more.

But, using Session extensions, can make you do things without saving bookmarks.

For session manager some people use