Can't reopen closed windows

Hello. This morning, as I started my PC and brave, I noticed that all my windows were missing. On any other day, Brave starts by reopening all the windows and tabs that I have left opened, but today they were gone. The issue is even more aggravating, considering that I didn’t even shut down my laptop; my laptop was put into sleep mode.
My windows and tabs held countless work and resources material since not all of them were bookmark material, and it would have been quite messy to bookmark all of them. Therefore, I never bookmarked the tabs. There were at least five windows and more than 100 tabs. Ctrl + Shift + T resurrected only one window (latest one), but the rest is gone. Is their anyway to get those windows back?


Try opening history by pasting brave://history/ in the URL

I had some really old tabs too, so they would be completely lost in history.


Were you using google as the search engine and were you logged in to google?
If yes Google stores a record of everything you search for on if you’re logged into your Google Account .

The folowing link explains how you can export your Brave history to other browser like chrome or firefox. I hope it is useful to you.

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