Save tab groups?

Hi @Mattches ,

Is there a way to save tab groups? When I quit Brave and open it again, all tab groups are gone.

This is on macOS? Tab groups should be saved automatically just like any open tabs. Do you have your browser set to Continue where you left off in Settings --> Appearance?

Yes, I do. And even when I just close Brave, the tab groups are gone.

Curious. Do you have any data set to be cleared “on exit” (Settings --> History —> Clear browsing data --> [On Exit])?

No, I don’t. I don’t know if it’s important but I have the same issue with pinned tabs. They’re gone after quitting or closing Brave.

Do you have any extensions installed in the browser at this time? If so, can you try temporarily disabling them and testing to see if you get the same behavior?

I disabled all extensions but all tab groups are gone after quitting and closing Brave.

I’m reaching out to some team members for additional input. Can you please confirm what version of the browser you’re currently using, as well as what macOS version you’re on?

Also, is anything set in brave://flags ? (Anything with a non-default setting will be sorted to the top, and will have a blue dot next to it.)

I found out that tab groups were set to default, so I set it to enabled.
But then I have to right click on a bookmark group in the bookmarks bar to go to bookmarks inside.
Clicking on a a bookmarks group with one finger, loads all bookmarks into the address bar. A total mess.

Tab groups are still not working when “save tab groups” is enabled.

I’m using Monterey 12.2.1 and Brave 1.36.117.
Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 2.19.15 PM

HI, any news? I have sent two screenshots four days ago.

You shouldn’t need to use any flags to save tab groups, the default behavior is to reopen browser windows to the same tabs/groups as when they were closed.

Can you please create a new temp. browsing profile and test this behavior to see if you get the same results there?

I created another profile and it worked with the new one. I installed all extension step by step and it kept working.
Then I deleted the “old” profile and the new profile stopped working immediately.

It works with two profiles, but only with a new one. But a soon as I delete one, Brave stops working correctly.

I gave it another try and it failed. A new profile but the tabs are gone every time I close or quit Brave. Same with pinned tabs. Brave does not save it.

Thank you for the update.

Reaching out to some team members for additional input — will reply here when I have more information.

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