Tab Groups Not Saving

I enabled the option to create and save tab groups. The tip on that flag says that groups can be reopened from the bookmarks bar. After creating a bunch of group, clicking save group, closing and reopening the browser, the tab groups are no where to be found. Help!

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Thank you for reaching out.
“Flags” in this context are by definition experimental and may not perform as expected (it states this at the top of the brave://flags page). Further, I notice that this particular flag is actually set to Disabled by default. So I think it’s unlikely that it is going to work as expected.

That said, you shouldn’t need to “save” tab groups in this way. Grouped tabs are retained even after you close the browser (unless you have elected to close all tabs when the browser is closed). If you want to “recall” a group of tabs from the bookmarks bar, I would recommend simply creating a folder on the bookmarks bar and adding the sites within that group to that folder. You can then right-click on that folder and select Open all [in new tab group] when you want to recall them.

Better use an extension like Which is going to add not save and restore tab groups, but also autogroup based on hostname, url, title and all that.
With shortcuts and all to better manage the Chromium/Brave tab groups.

The Tab Groups Save and Sync brave://flags/#tab-groups-save causes many issues, especially in Private windows where it causes some crashes from upstream Chromium, not even a Brave specific issue.

It works in Nightly, and it was working in Chromium 118 as well.

I guess I’ll wait until they actually make it work.

And, your choice, when there is a good extension that can do it as well and many more.

Also, Flag works and should work today even if it causes crashes in some instances. Flag has worked for a number of Chromium versions, the only problem were upstream bugs.

The flag does not work for me in Version 1.59.124 Chromium: 118.0.5993.117 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Where it fails, is when clicking save, nothing goes to the bookmarks bar for me.

What OS? because I am on Windows.

and if you want, you can try updating Brave to 1.60 version, I don’t know what can change since it has the same Chromium 118, but save tabs also worked few days ago when Nightly was on 118. But it includes new features if you want to try it first than most people. This is the windows installer

taken from here

But it has never stopped working, and as you can see in my video, it has worked like that for months and now they just added the sync part (the icon that is barely seen in new tabs design).
But like I said, you could use the extension, then use both whenever the flag decides to work, because eventually I guess Chromium will sync group tabs across Desktop and Android and not just Desktop.

I’m using Win11. I just downloaded the extension and that’s working great!