Save opened tabs/groups and reopen them after updates

> Brave browser desktop feature request

Save opened tabs/groups and reopen them after browser updates

  • Automatically save and reopen opened tabs/groups when updating browser version by clicking the Update Brave button in the top right corner.
  • Bonus: explicitly mention that tabs/groups will be saved in the pop up right before updating.

Why it should be seriously considered

  • Lots of users always have lots of tabs/groups opened and yet still want to be able to benefit from the regular updates and important security fixes (for which the Brave dev and support teams work tirelessly), without having to bookmark all and manually reopen all.


  • OS ⇒ MacOS Sonoma 14.1.1
  • Brave ⇒ Version 1.60.114 Chromium: 119.0.6045.124 (Official Build) (arm64)

What OS are you using? Can you add some more details? I ask because this is the behavior you should be seeing after an update. I personally have (at least right now) four different tab groups and several other tabs open in this window and have always had them re-open after an update.

I’m also curious if, after the update is applied and you launch the browser, if you go to Menu --> History do you see the previous window you had open listed here? If so you can always restore them but clicking that option in the history drop down (it will appear similar to what I’ve highlighted in the image below):

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Hi, @Mattches, thanks for your input !

I updated original post with latest versions of MacOS/Brave running.

Not sure which other details could be useful, I don’t really get why tabs won’t reopen automatically and if the problem is specific to my set up or to a larger group such as all MacOS users.

Yes, the tabs/groups automatically closed when launching a browser update still appear in the history (like in your screenshot).

I’m aware that I can always retrieve tabs in history, or by temporarily bookmarking all prior to launching the update, but think that automatically saving tabs/groups and reopening them when Brave relaunches would be beneficial to all users.

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Do yo have Continue where you left off in Settings --> Getting started --> On Startup?



No, I had another option selected, thanks for the tip.

Changed it to Continue wheere you left off, will update here if it solves my issue after the next update !

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This feature has been present for as long as I can remember, but at least a year. I am using v1.60.118 on Ubuntu 22.04LTS and use it all the time. Brave now updates via Snap with notices advising that an update is available and to close Brave while Snaps are updated. I then receive a desktop popup to say the update is complete.

Is this platform-specific, then?

@Mattches , @talldad

After latest update, I can confirm that switching to Continue where you left off for On start-up in brave://settings/getStarted solved this issue, thanks for the help !