Tabs Lost After Update, App Restart

I see a green update button on top right, and I need to hit it. Browser feels laggy unless I update, so I do. Could be my imagination.

Browser updates, and restarts. My existing tabs from my recent session start re-opening… but then they stop. Only two tabs of mine re-open, plus one blank tab that opens on its’ own. Rest of tabs never open and are lost (about 20).

Sometimes I go to History and see them there, and can restore the entire window… other times I cannot… and I lose all my work. This has gone on for me on both Mac and PC since May 2019. This is the first community post I’ve made on this, but probably the 100th bug report.

Lost some more work today, but I’m sticking with Brave.

I wonder if I’m alone here? Issue can be replicated, and is not a localized issue from what I gather. Not a showstopper, but definitely my main gripe as a power user. This is getting kinda old after several years… especially with frequent updates.

If this is user error then will be happy to know what I’m doing wrong so I can have Brave re-open all of my existing tabs after updating the app. Thanks for reading!!

Mac Book Pro
M2 Max
32 GB
Ventura 13.5

Win 11 Pro
Core i9-14900k
64 Gb RAM
OS 22621.2070

Happened again last week, and again with today’s update. Lost my work.

Lost my work again today.

Found a new tab management app for PC that helps save the tabs, but my Mac suffers a complete loss of tab history on each update.

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This is a solution in my mind, and will use this going forward!! Thank you @alexnibley.

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