Reopen closed windows after Brave update?

Missing automatically reopen windows after update:
After each update open windows not opening automatically again and/or ask for it.

  1. Have open windows
  2. Update Brave
  3. After update, Brave doesn’t open used windows opened before update nor does ask for it.
  4. Brave Sync is no option as it has been disabled for all version v1.3 and higher
  5. Reopen last closed tab under menu History doesn’t work properly all the time, specially if there are a lot of them…

I would expect that Brave does ask if the user does want to have the windows opened before the update to be visible again.

** Version 1.9.72 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit)**

This wished and expected behavior does exist in Firefox as well as in Google Chrome:

Hi @thotha,
You should be able to re-open closed tabs by hitting cmd+shift+T. Can you try hitting it multiple times?

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