Save Bookmarks Option

Why was the window changed when you want to save a bookmark???

It no longer gives the option to select “more”, so how do I change the folder it is saved to, and what asshat thought this was a good idea?

Looks like I will be moving to another browser, as this really sucks!!!

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Not sure what OS or platform you’re using, but if it’s Desktop, the More button is still right there:

Nope…I am running windows and this is what I am now getting:


Ah I see, my bad. It does look like it was moved out of the release build (wasn’t aware of this). However, if you click on the Folder drop-down, there is a list of folders to choose from, as well as the Choose another folder option which I believe is what you’re looking for.

IMHO, this is a major regression in efficiency of use.

When I click on “Choose another folder” now, it starts on “Other Bookmarks” at the end of my bookmarks tree. I have, conservatively, hundreds of nested bookmark folders and having to scroll back through most of the bookmarks tree every time I want to save a bookmark to the proper folder is painfully slow.

Previously, I could select from the “recent” folders list and then click an option to choose a different folder relative to the selected folder. It would start at that position in the Bookmark tree centered on the selected folder. Since I know the layout of my bookmark tree, this allowed me to quickly get to the proper place to save my new bookmark. It wasn’t perfect, but the way it is now is much less efficient in comparison.

I very much appreciate the work of those trying to “improve” things, but this change made saving bookmarks much harder. I hope that this can be resolved soon.

EDIT: added version info, corrected new behavior above:

Version 1.61.101 Chromium: 120.0.6099.71 (Official Build) (64-bit)


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Please note that this was not our decision — the change was inherited from the underlying Chromium engine update. We are looking into moving the More button back to the modal.

Thank you

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I’m glad the More button will be back!

Yeah…and it still hasn’t…and on top of this, they screwed it up again by automatically saving new bookmarks to the last saved folder…and if you don’t want that folder, you now have to “edit” it…I’m done with Brave!

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Unfortunately it got worse now, yes.

Hey, Brave support… Any updates on the bookmarks save feature? As SarcasticWit mentioned, this autosaving to the saved folder makes no sense and creates more work organizing your bookmarks.

Please fix!

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I have this problem as well, and it’s very annoying. Please don’t close this topic until you have a fix. Thanks!

Please don’t forget us :slight_smile:

There is an open issue for this here:

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