HOW TO return "BookmarK this tab" its original simplicity?

Formerly I was able to SAVE a tab with a single stroke. Now it takes multiple strokes. It defaults to the last folder used to store the tab: “This page is saved to”. Then I have to hit Folder…and then Chose Another Folder…then the Edit Bookmark pops up and I have scroll through it to find the folder I initially wanted. This eats up valuable time. IT IS A USELESS FEATURE. How do I revert back to the simple method of folder selection? This is sufficiently annoying, I’m seriously thinking about switching browsers permanently


Hey found this on reddit and it seems like it works just need to put in address bar, disable the option and relaunch browser. brave://flags/#simplified-bookmark-save-flow


I HUGELY appreciate your response. I couldn’t find “flags” on Brave as it is on Chrome. So I went to Reddit, joined the “brave browser” group and posted the same information there. We’ll see how it plays out.

Thanks TONS for your response!

big thanks from me too!
are there any more options to customize? for example i dont like the new spacer to the left of the bookmarks.

someone maybe know about it?

Answer here:

so idk if its on my end but I can’t seem to find the flag for simplified bookmark flow I search for it like show and it won’t show up if anyone knows why lmk

Unfortunately they deleted it.

There is some hope Brave will fix it, much as they did the YouTube ad stuff. It seems a simple enough fix.

We’ll see.

okay, lets hope so. Hopefully

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if you double click on the bookmark icon once, it will be the old way when you bookmark a new page. ! try it.

Brave fixed it. Make sure you have the latest version.

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