Bookmark - "Choose another folder..." - starting directory

// Background
When bookmarking a page, there used to be a button to choose another folder. When you pressed the button, it would bring up the dialog for choosing which folder to put the bookmark in. By default, the new dialog would start in the path displayed in the dropdown next to label “Folder”.

// Problem
Now there is no “Choose another folder…” button. When you go to the dropdown and select “Choose another folder…” the dialog starts in the path of the most recently filed bookmark regardless of what the dropdown showed before you clicked “Choose another folder…”.

// To reproduce:

  1. Click the bookmark icon next to the URL bar.
  2. Note the currently selected folder. (Let’s say “Videos”)
  3. Change the folder to different folder. (Let’s say we change this to “Reading”)
    Now the dropdown next to the “Folder” label should be closed and have the folder you selected (“Reading”).
  4. Click the dropdown again and select “Choose another folder…”.
    The “Edit Bookmark” dialog will appear, but instead of seeing your second folder highlighted (“Reading”), the dialog will focus your first folder (“Videos”).

// Why do I care?
The way I used to file bookmarks would be to choose a folder close to what I wanted, then click the button to a different folder. This meant if you have the folder structure:

To file the following bookmarks (in order)

You would file the first two normally, but for the third, you would select the A/a1/a1_second, then select “Choose another folder…”, and you’d be right next to A/a1/a1_first where you want to file it under. This saves you having to scroll up through B to file your last bookmark.

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