Royal Bank doesn't work with Brave

I recently am unable to open Royal Bank accounts using Brave. Have been doing so for years. RBC says it is because of Brave …everything is working on their end.
RBC will open using Edge and FireFox but Brave is my preferred browser. Can you help with this?

Thank you for reaching out.
Are you saying that you are unable to visit the site at all, or that you’re not able to login to it? Also can you please confirm for me what Brave version and OS you’re using at this time?

Thank you

Windows 10 PRO


It all started….

When using QuickBooks, when I download bank feeds from within QB, I can only download one feed then I need to log back into the bank to download the next feed.

When I contact QB…they said it is an RBC issue. When I contacted RBC, I was told it was a BRAVE issue.


I can login to my other RBC profiles…just not to one of the profiles. RBC says it is a BRAVE issue.

Thank you



Thank you for the information.
Can you please tell me what happens when you try to login to that profile on RBC? What is the behavior you see? Are there any errors displayed (if so, what do they say)?

This is what appears each time

RBC Tech Error msg.jpg

Can you please try visiting the site, clicking the lion icon in the address bar and toggling Brave Shields “off”, then try logging in again and tell me if this makes any difference?

Thank you

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