Ridiculous payment for each advertisement 0.002/0.005

This value from 0.002 to 0.005 is ridiculous, no one will want to use the brave anymore because of that, it’s past time to return the normal value, or at least 1 cent for each ad!

70% of revenue is 70% of revenue. Does not matter what the BAT per ad is or what the price per BAT is. It just so happened that the BAT per ad decreased (because price per BAT was so high) just before the price of ALL crypto dropped (thanks, Elon Musk!). It will settle down and even out.

If the cost per ad decreased per view of the ad when the BAT went up, then why doesn’t the cost per ad increase when the cost per BAT went down?
You are contradicting yourself.

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Exact, and who loses is only the user.
There is no algorithm that makes this balance of payment, they simply decide the amount they want to pay to users. we do not know the amount that each company/site pays for Brave Software, so that 70% is theory!

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Stop thinking that Elon Musk influences cryptocurrencies, because people think that Elon Musk is relevant in the market, these falls happen, he has other purposes, stay tuned!

It is not theory. Please see this comment from our Biz dev director on the subject:

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Although I’m setup to receive bat, I use brave because I like the Brave browser. I put the bat I receive in my uphold account like a good user, but that is not in any way why I use Brave.


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