Brave Rewards calculations may need more $$$ transparency

This is not a support request except to request more information.

I would like to know how the Brave rewards are calculated…specifically.

As an example, YouTube gives 70% of the ad revenue to the content makers/posters. The content is the commodity.

It seems Brave reward users are the commodity to entice advertisers…so what’s our % of the fiat currency as it is related to the BAT? Meaning if an advertiser gives $100 in a month, is $70 worth of BAT distributed that month in Brave rewards? If so, then as BAT loses value against fiat, the volume of BAT given to users should go up.

I have been looking through my BAT earnings history and, oddly, when the BAT was worth more, I was earning more tokens. It seems like the reverse should be true. If the value of the BAT goes down, then the amount of BAT I earn should go up. And lately, WAY up.

Make no mistake, my personal time and attention is NOT tied to the value of the BAT. It seems like it is.

So, if BAT value declines, then I am incentivized to turn off rewards if the quantity of BAT does not increase to compensate for my FIXED value of my attention. If this is indeed how it is working, that’s really self-defeating for Brave, because when the value goes down, it is more important than ever to entice advertisers with Brave’s huge audience willing to look at ads. If, me as the user, is also taking the haircut because of in/deflation, then the amount of viewers will go down creating a negative feedback loop to the bottom.

If I earn more BAT to compensate for the lesser value then I continue to be a user willing to look at ads. Crypto cannot divorce itself from other real-world values, like time, attention, and fiat currency that is needed for all the Brave developers to eat food and pay rent, and for Brave rewards users to convert thati BAT to fiat to buy food, or blow it on stylish hats.

Based on my track record, I should be getting like 30 BAT a month these days with BAT value in the toilet. But it is the same amount on average from month to month. I’m not going to get 10 notifications an hour to earn 68 cents a month.

Please explain how this works…the Brave rewards users are paramount…they provide the ability for Brave to do commerce…everything else is a distant second.

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@ReelDeal you may want to check out PSA: BAT Ad Prices Explained (kind of) as I detail it a bit there. But I’ll also try to answer some basics here as well.

  • We get 70% of ad revenue

  • Ad revenue has decreased

  • We’re in a bear market. Not only affect crypto but also ads

  • The amount BAT prices are averaged. They can’t constantly adjust as everything else does. This means we’ll not see huge jumps in what we earn per ad, though will see gradual changes over time.

We’ve never been promised 10x per hour. That’s the maximum we can allow, but the chances of that happening is slim. Btw, that’s only referencing ad notifications. We still can get ads through NTP, Brave News, etc. And I believe it won’t be much longer before we get the opportunity for Search Ads.


Not true, overall. It will vary depending on your region and how many places are advertising. But take the United States here as an example:

What activity constitutes an ad being 'Viewed' and therefore rewarded - Brave Rewards _ Rewards Support - Brave Community - Brave 6_6_2023 13_00_23

2.205 BAT divided by 77 = 0.0286 which would be nearly triple what you’re claiming as the ratio. And compared to the 0.018 BAT I was averaging in March, it does show it’s possibly trending in a positive direction.

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Thank you for the explanation. I think Brave is a good organization and I like this structure. I just wasn’t clear on how it all worked.

Totally fair that there will be difference BAT amounts between browser users based on their settings and their browser habits as one user may be more attractive to an advertiser over a different user.

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You do know it’s 2023 and screenshots can be easily altered in a matter of seconds, right?

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We get 70% of ad revenue. If there’s not a lot of ads or ad revenue in a region, then you’ll earn less. As I explained on other topic linked prior, if there’s not a lot of ads we tend to get Brave house ads, which does pay less. So if you’re honestly getting closer to what you’re saying, then chances are you’re getting just house ads.

Your point?

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Just curious on payout status. There is no update showing processing. And i still have not got anything forvlast month. Asking because usually there us a staus on payouts on top on community page

It’s on the top. I’m guessing you might have closed it at some point. A lot of the things that are pinned here will not show again if you open it or close out of it. Well, unless you change the settings for the site here. Preferences Interface → Uncheck box for Automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom.

In any case, currently shows as:

Also, you may want to consider saving it as a bookmark. Link is Ads Payout Status Update

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Thanks that helped me get it back. I appreciate it.

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That’s not discrimination. On most platforms advertisers choose the region they want to advertise in, not the provider of the platform. Look at Google Ads, FB ads, etc. It’s all targeted advertising.


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