BAT rewards dropped from .005 BAT/AD to .003BAT/ad

Hello there, I think this is the Second time that they’ve reduced rewards first from .010 to .005BAT/ad now I’m getting only .003BAT/ad , this is so annoying why are guys are doin this , by this rate its not even possible to complete one BAT in 2-3 months by average use . @steeven . thank you.

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The price per ad depends on the advertisers and the value they perceive they are receiving from the ads. This has nothing to do with the Brave developers.

Additionally, the price fluctuation of the coin changes. You are reaping around 70% of ad revenue per hit. The rate that you receive will constantly be changing to match 70% so you are getting the same amount regardless of the ad pay rate you see.

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No, there is a formula according to which the rewards are calculated and the amount of rewards should fluctuate depending on the course.

But there should be normal and stable rate of .010BAT don’t you think so.

Even as it seems.
And with this fall in the rate, the price of the remuneration does not change.

lilpunchy gave you the formula. What is your issue?

The rate depends on the advertisers, not on Brave.

The rate depends on the BAT course

Something is evidently getting lost in translation. What do you mean by “course”?

Don’t confuse BAT per ad with value (dollar, rubles, etc.) per BAT. The value fluctuates widely (and sometimes wildly), depending on the market. I can see that it has dropped from $1.12 per BAT to $0.83 per BAT just this morning alone.

BAT per ad is set by the advertisers.

Neither is controlled by the Brave developers or staff.

If you do not own the information, then this does not give you the right to express such opinions.
ADS has a formula that adjusts to the BAT rate
This was stated before the reduction of awards to me personally.

What information are you talking about? I am talking about market forces. I’m not expressing opinions, I’m stating facts. lilypunchy gave you the formula. Also facts.

this conversation will not lead to anything good.
you do not understand what you are talking about.
all transactions with advertisers are carried out in USD

Whatever. You can think what you want. I’m out of this discussion.

See what weird things happen.
The price for BAT has decreased by 2 times and now I get 0.01BAT for sponsored images, and push notifications are much higher.
Or did the advertisers increase the price all at once?)
As I said, advertisers pay in $, and Brave itself converts them to BAT at the rate.

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