Rewards Profile flagged due to "Irregular activity"

My profile has been flagged due to “Irregular activity” and I have reached the support team but I’m still wating for an anwer to find out more information about what is that “Irregular activity” because I have been using the browser as usual for the past 3 years.


Good luck I had the same thing happen and Brave Support toll me it was due to “Irregular activity” I have been using Brave for about 18 months now and I’m on for about 12 plus hours a day I think it was something to due with the last update

Can you confirm this is still an issue? Thanks!

How do we confirm my Gemini account still shows its connected I’m still getting ads but I got the following response from Brave Support on 5/4/2023 We have reviewed the flag, and your Rewards profile will not be reinstated. It will remain flagged."

I just dm’d you. Thanks!

Good luck with getting any help from them at all. My creator account was flagged last year. It took a couple months to get someone to finally tell me it was because I hadn’t uploaded a video to youtube in awhile. I’m disabled so it takes a lot for me to put together videos, but I worked hard to get one uploaded so I could get my account reinstated and the 1900+ BAT I had accrued sent to either my Uphold or Gemini account. I keep sending emails to support every week or two, but if I do hear back, I get the same non answer from them. Your account was found in violation of our TOS and will remain suspended. Even after I fixed the issue they will not reinstate my account. I like the browser, but they are dishonest. I am very disappointed that they refuse to help me. I hope you have a better outcome than I’ve had thus far.

Any info new info with this link!

Nothing new. I am yet to receive any help what so ever.

yea good luck with that. my account has been flagged for months for “irregular activity” when i did the exact same thing. bought a new phone, and formatted and reloaded both my laptop and desktop because i’m getting prepared for school and wanted a fresh OS to work off of. got flagged and Brave support said they refused to remove the flag. their system is flawed and they refuse to remove false-positive flags from accounts, therefore blocking people from rewards for no reason at all. they’re the worst and i don’t recommend signing up for Brave or their Rewards to anyone. use Firefox

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