Mods please help me understand this response from support ticket 199875

Been using Brave on multiple devices (I am from the UK) for almost 2 years - I didn’t get a payout last month so raised a ticket and got the below response… wtf is my account flagged for and why won’t it be reinstated?! @steeven @Mattches


Thank you for reaching out to Brave Support.

Sometimes your Brave Rewards profiles can be “flagged”. That usually means our systems noticed some irregular activity associated with Brave Ads. “Irregular activity” is activity that would be considered unusual compared to an ordinary person using Brave Ads as part of their overall, everyday browsing experience.

We have reviewed the flag, and your Rewards profiles will not be reinstated. They will remain flagged. Please note, flagged profiles are ineligible for payouts.

Thank you,

Brave Support

Edited to add:

if you read here and here and here you will see I logged in here and posted three times to let Mods know that got way more BAT then what I was expecting for a few months!

Because the system detected unusual activity that appears to be fraud or abuse of the system.

It’s not going to be reinstated because when humans reviewed the data, they determined that the data confirmed behavior that violated Terms. Therefore they keep the suspension/ban in place.

If you’re hoping to get more information than that, then you’re out of luck. Brave’s policy doesn’t allow them to share specific details on what was done or what caused the account to be flagged. The only thing they do is investigate, which happens when you submit a support ticket, and then they either reinstate your account or uphold the suspension.

That is a bit lame! would be good to understand wtf I did to be considered fraud or abuse?!

I literally click the ads that are on the screen and that’s about it!


They will never tell you what happened, for fear people would exploit the information. We can’t even be sure they actually investigate tickets (by my own experience they don’t).
In reality they just don’t want people to notice their system is trash and has lots of false-flags.


The worst thing I am shamelessly guilty of (as I suspect are most Brave users) is refreshing the browser to see if I can squeeze in an extra ad. If that’s a crime, well [insert expletives here].


if that’s a crime then why not make it explicitly clear and stop your browser from allowing this?


I doubt (sincerely hope) that is not the reason - they already have it set so you can only refresh and get away with it a few times.

then what else could it be?! i have been using it on 4 devices for the past 2 years, and make between 2-5bat a month, hardly some major heist :slight_smile:


Same here my friend, since 2019. I think why they flag users will forever remain a mystery but its getting so random as to be a nuisance, especially as you say for 2-5 BAT per month which is what I average too. They clearly have a lot of tickets this month that they’re looking into, hopefully whoever came up with whatever silly change that caused this, will reverse it.

funny thing though, if you read here and here you will see I actually logged in to let them know I was getting way more BAT then what I was expecting… it is their system that is broken and they are then banning us for their mistakes?

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They will never let us know what caused this if your still getting ads like I was until yesterday when I disable Brave ads my recommendation is to do the same and stop reading news on the Brave news feed


yeah i hear you but hoping its a silly error on their part and hope they can fix it or at least explain what i have done wrong to be flagged… especially as I was the one creating posts asking why I was being given more BAT than what I was expecting

yeah, it honestly seems fishy, don’t know what the f is going on and the response you get from the support is so vague and ambiguous!

I think you’re pushing it suggesting criminal activity or laundering. That’s not what’s happening. Draconian policing policies are happening… if its not an error.


If I remember correctly there is something in Brave rewards that state you can’t file a class action lawsuits against them if you use Brave rewards

They can’t waive your rights unreasonably, but I just don’t think this is anything near a crime/fraud or anything else sinister here, just overly-zealous policing. Wouldn’t fancy your chances in court - prospects around 0%?


@Mattches please can you assist?

As for your ticket specifically, I did not review it but I can reach out to the agent who did and request a second look.

As for everyone else:

No, we won’t tell you exactly what happens for the exact reason you stated. Would you tell a bank robber where and how they’re most likely going to get caught when they try to rob your bank? Probably not. Note that I am not insinuating that anyone here is the bank robber, simply that the robber will see that information and use it to their advantage.

Yes, we investigate the tickets. Thousands of them, every month, all anonymous/privacy preserving with a very small team. We are doing our best with what we have, thanks.

And yes, there are definitely false flags and we try very hard to ensure that users who are truly legitimate get their flags removed and receive the funds they’ve earned.

Apologies but this is nonsense.

Ultimately you can call it whatever you’d like — “over policing”, “Draconian”, etc — but the truth of the matter is that, as with all forms of money/payment (and especially in the crypto space) there is a ton of fraud and bad actors attempting to game the system. Our fraud detection has gone through many iterations and has gone a long way towards making sure that real, legit users get their funds and a fraudsters get banned.

A friendly reminder that there are hundreds of thousands of Rewards users that earn BAT every month and the overwhelming majority of these users are paid out without any issue at all. It is easy to get lost in the noise here on Community when a thread of 3-10 people make as much noise as if they’re 3000-10,000 people.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding of the checks and balances that need to be in place, as well as the understanding that our systems are constantly being tweaked and re-worked to best suite the user.

Thank you.


Thanks i would appreciate it!

So what is the recourse for people who think they’ve been wronged or are authentically flabbergasted as to why they’ve been flagged? Start a new Brave Rewards account, disconnect from the custodial, then reconnect?