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I used to be able to see what rewards I had earnt on the homepage. I no longer can. I cannot see how my android Brave browser is connected to my Uphold account either. …and now, perhaps after some months, I realise that I don’t get any push notifications, which I always sued to. Has something changed? I have been using this for years at this point and am in the UK. It used to work.

Could you please share a screenshot of the page found at brave://rewards ?
I wanna confirm in what state you are in ? I mean connected, not connected or just logged out or something else. Thanks.

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Hi @SmartyAadi there’s a notice telling me to click the triangle, which no longer appears when on sites.

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Hm, in your general browser settings (press the 3 dots menu in the bottom right corner), did you hide the BAT icon? There’s a setting, I believe, to hide the BAT (triangle) icon in the URL bar, so maybe it is hidden?


Hello Chris,

I don’t see that option anywhere. Do you know where specifically it might be?

Many thanks,

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Hey. So in brave settings → appearance → Brave rewards icon → toggle it on/off

Hey. Since you get this page, it means you will have to start fresh again and reconnect your Uphold account and all. Most likely brave was uninstalled on the device or a factory reset was done or simply Brave’s data was cleared

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