I cant open brave rewards page on my brave browser

When ı try to open my rewards setting on brave browser its not opened. I send a screen photo. What can ı do?

But my wallet is connect with uphold. This is my wallet connection picture

This is also my problem please help

Please help me solve my problem. Anybody please reply. I can’t open my brave rewards page. I can’t see my ads points,

I am still waiting an answer too. İs anybobdy help us?

@Nederlandsejongen @Lynly
try to open a new tab and write this in it brave://rewards/ so replace chrome with brave and see if it work and also try to reopen your browser first

have a nice day :slight_smile:

Thans for your answer but it didnt work. İts automaticly chage chrome://rewards and its not opened.

you welcome then wait till someone of the team help you and have a nice day

@Mattches can you help here?

I tried it did not work. But thanks for helping. I’m still waiting for another answer.

Same with my problem but when I click brave reward page or settings.

If click the “Yes I’m in” button, what will happen to my pending BAT? And ads are still appearing but I don’t know if they will be counted.

For users here who are encountering this – has the Rewards page always displayed like this? Or, if I’m understanding correctly, you were able to access Rewards and/or Rewards Settings in the browser previously, but now you’re seeing the This site can't be reached page?

I can see the settings page before but just 2-3 days ago this image appears everytime I’m going to settings. I’m still seeing noti ads but I don’t know if they will be counted or recorded. Should I click the “Yes I’m in” button or just wait for brave browser update? thanks

pls I need response asap. It’s almost august 6 for the BAT rewards. I hope it did not reset my pending BAT to zero. I’m still clicking the ads even if I can’t see/visit the settings to check the current tokens.

Yes rewards page always displayed like this. I try all thing but every time when ı try to open rewards page did not open. 'This site cant be reached ’ page open every time.

Still waiting for solution any help from brave people?

Still no one responded with a solution. :frowning:

I can’t login to claim my rewards for downloading and using brave browser as an Ecoin user or is it deceit?
I use an Android phone!

You have the issue in this thread or you have another one?

If you are saying that you can not link uphold wallet to you mobile brave browser, just check if you have 25BAT first. This is the minium amount for the first time to alow sync.

Yes previously we see the reward page settings. Now if you click the brave rewards settings , it temporarily down. What happened? Will you help me please?

Okay – for anyone in here who’s still unable to access your Rewards page, please provide additional details surrounding your issue. Namely:

  1. What device type/model are you using?
  2. If Android, what Android OS version is on your device?
  3. Is your Brave app fully updated (v1.10.99 at the time of writing this)?
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  1. I use an Android Tablet brand of Samsung
  2. Android 7.1.2
  3. Yes . I added a screen shot at about brave page in screen