Rewards missing, Android mobile, how to retrieve?

Hey you guys, I hope all is well. I can’t seem to find my rewards and I read some help docs talking about a new system being implemented and I’m worried all my rewards are gone because I can’t see them.

My uphold account would constantly disconnect from my brave browser and before I was able to still see my brave rewards sitting in the browser but now they’re missing and I don’t see them in my uphold account.

Where did all the BAT go? Did this new system delete it all? Most of my BAT was in the browser. Anyone know how to have it show up again or did it literally get deleted forever?

BTW I’m using Android mobile.


@KashZani If you were connected to Uphold at any time, it would have remained connected on the back end and all payments would have been sent there. Anything at your Uphold account would have remained there.

If you had chosen not to connect your device to Uphold, then it would have had you as an unverified user and you would have been earning vBAT stored in the browser only. Brave gave more than 10 months of warnings to link devices to Uphold (or other custodial partner) or vBAT would be lost.

So if you indeed weren’t connected and had been storing on your device only, you’d be out of luck overall.

You can try to create a Rewards Support Ticket at just in case they can look into it. But I’m not sure anything can or will be done for you.

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