Rewards of december

I’m posting just to find out if there were any problems with the december 2021 rewards. I’ve been using brave for quite a while and I got my rewards every month without any problem, but not last month. thank you.


i have the same issue … …


I am facing the same issue

I have the same problem …

still no rewards for december. someone could direct us?
brave problem? uphold? pc. I have the impression that there are quite a few people in my case. I give up too much time wasted checking and reverifying one account or another.

I got paid today!

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Waiting for mine
At what hour did you got

Both my android and windows rewards got disconnected in December without telling me (ie. Uphold/Gemini showing as disconnected in rewards-internals, but not in the settings). I reauthenticated when I noticed that but it was just a day or two ago, so I hope it still come through and is not lost!

Update: came through this AM, a few days after getting my wallet status fixed.

same issue as well along with hundreds of others not sure why though

Great, now waiting for mine!

having the same issue…

one minute before post .

Hi, i have the same issue. And my profile on uphols id complete !

Hi All,

I didn’t receive December bat yet and although ı display the advertisement , ı can’t get any bat now.

Same here, still no Jan 7th rewards, received last rewards no problem, fully verifed uphold wallet.

Same here, and no longer receiving any ads.

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