Jan 2022 Payments Didn't Received

Again didn’t receive my rewards payout just like the previous month.

@steeven please look at this and

I request you to not close this topic/post until it is fixed.

You close posts and don’t respond to PM’s and then I have to create another post that you don’t like and suspend users for creating duplicated.


I’m also having problems. I’m verified in Uphold; on the 8th of February I received the BAT from my mobile phone Brave, but the BAT from my PC Brave (both normal and Nightly) were not credited in Uphold and they disappeared from the pending rewards.

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Same here.
Payment from mobile 1 received, payment from mobile 2 was pending and dissapeared from the notifications.
Both browsers verified. No response from the support team…

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@steeven please look at this issue.

Same with me. I did not receive this month’s rewards again for any device, and do not have the CDD pop up when I log into my Uphold account.

Same with me. I did not receive this month’s rewards again for any device, and do not have the CDD pop up when I log into my Uphold account. ++

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Same here also, didn’t receive my January 2022 Brave Rewards, I’m using 3 Android devices with verified Uphold Wallet, received reward of my 3rd mobile device but didn’t receive reward of 1st and 2nd mobile device and now it’s not even showing in Brave Rewards settings, I have a verified Upload Wallet, I have been using Brave Browser for past 7 or 8 months now never faced this type of problem this is the first time I have not received my rewards

Okay, I’ve been waiting way too long, going to sleep, it’s a nightmare getting help, as always due to extremely small team. I literally see only 1 person taking care of payments issues. IDK why brave can’t afford more employees.

Seems to be an issue still present for some wallets. Have any of you guys received your February payments yet? Or are you still pending on these too?

Same with me. Again this month no payments.

No payment for January 2022 ads rewards in my Uphold account yet. Last month the same happened (received it eventually but I had to contact support).


Not received my rewards, despite having a verified account. I can’t find any trace of the questions I am supposed to answer and there were no issues last month.

Really quite annoying…

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im verified and i don’t see any CDD questions either


I didn’t receive my January payment as well (for Gemini). I also don’t get ads anymore for whatever reason. Everything was working find until February. What’s going on with the Brave browser?:thinking:

Same with me. no payments. Uphold verified.

i’m having the same issue! no rewards since december, the only avance i had was to verify mi geminy wallet, and that’s all. not even a single bat.

So many people having issues and support takes at least 48hours just to see the post. I am not even talking about the responce yet. Unbelievable!

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I didn’t receive my jan 2022 payments

@Sidd Not sure if you and everyone else saw my post earlier, but sadly posts/comments on this forum don’t tend to get you much help if you’re having issues with payments. When we do get responses, it’s just to send them information so they can look at things on the back end.

You may want to read the main posts and all comments at Still no payout? read this before posting

The final few comments might actually be something interesting for you.

Then again, it sounds like you’re beyond help at this time if I’m seeing your post correctly. You speak as if you’ve been suspended and they’ve addressed your issue before. If they are suspending you, it means you’re violating Terms of Use. I’m just not sure if that’s what you’re telling me or if I’m reading it wrong. Either way, your best bet is to have to message them and be patient.

I’ve already send a DM to @steeven but the thing is, most of the time it is ignored. No matter how many messages you send or how long you wait nobody is going to read it untill you make a post in the community. Then again it gets closed, you get a responce but not a solution. Again you wait or send message but no solution. At this point anyone will create another post which considered duplicate and violated the policy, is this my fault? Yes of course, i didn’t wait a year for the resolution.

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