Missing rewards december, 1 device

Hey, I’ve been using brave since september, I’ve had no problems this far but for the rewards distributed in december one of my devices just didnt pay out. I have been paid for this device earlier and I did get rewards from my other devices for december.

ETA: I have also noticed that on this device I havent gotten any ads so far in january.

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Welcome to the club. Your problem started about December 15-16?

Do you have Windows 11?We’re a lot of people with this problem about that time… and with Windows 11

Hi @sigurd if you would like to send a DM with the following information.

  • Description of your issue
  • Copy/paste your Wallet ID and Custodian ID (found on brave://rewards-internals)
  • Your OS and Brave version (first three lines in brave://version)
  • A screenshot of your General Info panel in brave://rewards-internals.
  • A screenshot of your Ads Diagnosis panel in brave://rewards-internals.
  • A screenshot of your Event Logs in brave://rewards-internals.

This will help to speed up the troubleshooting. Thank you in advance!

I do not have windows 11

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It is a problem to receive reward money. I have been more than 1 month to receive 44BAT. They don’t pay and are always asking to send new data… If you’re going to use Brave with the intention of earning BAT, don’t be fooled… It’s just a problem to receive.
@sigurd now they are asking to send that information “internal rewards”… but don’t be fooled, later they ask for something else… maybe they’ll solve the problem this month, but next month you’ll have problems again and then they’ll ask for more things… it’s unbelievable

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now a moderator will arrive here and will close this topic… soon

I am experiencing the same issue, currently on Windows 10. It’s frustrating to say the least - I’m about to message support myself.

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Took sometime off but apparently the proces is still broken given the number of complaints. The BATS that were acquired in november are still missing, no reply from support staff… I think I will contact Gemini once again to inform them because this also reflects on there reputation. 10 years ago you could argue to “relax” because it is in development, but in 2021/2022 playtime is over, especially for a company that earns money.


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