BAT Estimated pending rewards did not transfer to wallet

My BAT rewards “Next Payment” was set for August 5. As of today, the “Estimated Pending Rewards” is still showing and the date has changed to Sept 5. My wallet still shows a balance of 0.000 BAT. Was it supposed to transfer on Aug 5? Not sure whats going on here

Any help/clarification would be appreciated.


Hi @jimmyO - payments are still processing - MEGATHREAD: August 5th, 2020 Brave Ads Payout Support. They will be processing through tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.

estimated pending rewards are also considered for payout @jimmyO

Hi Steven same problem here. The supposed payment date was August 6 yet my Bat rewards did not transfer to my wallet. Waited one day as I read comments here may be the same it will resolve mine but it changes to the next payment date already to September 6 yet my rewards still did not transfer to my wallet. Appreciate if you can help here…

i have got the same issue (windows 10 & verified) but i received 5,xx BAT on Uphold, but my estimated did’nt change.

I have same problem.

Hi all - payouts are still processing. If you don’t receive your payment by tomorrow please DM me on Monday with the specifics of your issue. Thank you!


Hi, I did not receive the payment for August.
Will DM you, please keep me in touch.

I haven’t received my August payments too, I sent you a private message but haven’t respond.

I have same problem. This is sad. But they are saying our problem is related to this - Payments not being deposited to your Uphold account

And @steeven said to me a fix on the way.

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