Brave Rewards not syncing other my other devices (MacOS and IOS)

Hey there,

I have over 30 BAT on my Macbook Pro via Brave Browser (Brave Rewards). I’ve recently verified my wallet via Uphold. However, I synced my Brave browser to my new Macbook Pro and iphone (a while back - at least a couple months ago), and there are still zero BAT Rewards appearing on those synced devices. I don’t have my recovery key on my original Macbook Pro (where the Brave Rewards ARE being earned and appearing).

How do I earn rewards from my synced devices and have them show up?

Thank you.

Did you mean using Brave Sync?

Brave Sync doesn’t sync your Rewards data ATM, so it’s expected. If you want to sync your Rewards balance across-devices, you can connect it to the same custodian account (Uphold/Gemini).

Each device will have it’s own Rewards earning as Rewards is calculated locally on each device, but the paid balance should be synced if you connect it to the same custodian.

And Rewards is no longer available for iOS (iPhone, iPad).

Let me know if it’s unclear.

Yes I used Brave sync to have universal bookmarks. Thank you for letting me know it doesn’t sync my rewards. I have my original Macbook earning BAT and connected to Uphold. Now, the issue is: why am I not earning any Brave rewards on my new MacBook? It’s been months with 0 BAT balance. I can’t connect it to Uphold because I “need a minimum of 25 BAT”. I use both of my Macbooks often. One for work one for personal use. I appreciate your response eljuno!

If you’re using the latest version, you should see Continue to login that can be used to signing in to an existing Uphold account.

That said, you don’t need to have 25 BAT on your new device as you already have a verified Uphold account before.

For unverified wallet (not connected to Uphold account), if all is OK, eg you receive ads notification, etc etc, then you’ll need to claim your Rewards manually.

Thank you. I was able to verify my wallet with Uphold despite it saying I need 15 BAT. I looked at my rewards statement on my and it says I have earned 0 BAT since July 2021. I use the new Macbook almost every day too. This seems like an issue I assume?

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